TrainDL Interactive Policy Monitor

This interactive policy monitor allows you to browse and filter relevant European data literacy (DL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) education policies. Filtering mechanisms allow you to group policies according to country/region, target audience and policy type in order to identify policies relevant to your context. The monitor assesses how well AI/DL education is addressed by the selected policies.

The policy monitor was developed in the context of the TrainDL Erasmus+ project, and aims to visualise the policy state in digital education, with a focus on evaluating the state of of AI/DL education (including teacher education in this context). The map visualises if within a country (or where relevant, on a more regional level) DL education and/or AI education are “fully addressed”, “partially addressed” or “not addressed” based on an expert assessment of relevant available policies. The resulting visualisation shown in the map represents an average of the individual assessments of policy documents applicable to a country/region, and should be seen as a high level indicator only, in order to help experts and policy makers to identify possible gaps in current policy and to facilitate further discussion. The project does not claim completeness in its analysis.

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Target AudienceLorem ipsum
MandatoryLorem ipsum
TypeLorem ipsum
Issuing Year1234
Pedagogical Didactical
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